User Interface Designer and Developer

I started working for Business Wire in 2012, making a shifting back from marketing to web development, which along with graphic design had been the focus of my career prior to co-founding Telewebtech. I’ve been very pleased with the return and feel I have made significant contributions to the HQ Platform as a product, including some leading thought and development around mobile accessibility, as well as more strategic insights on the team’s workflow and build process. The position has given me the opportunity to work on some very complex projects at a fast pace, which I appreciate greatly.

In particular, I’ve lead some exciting development around Responsive Web Design, client feed integration (XML & RSS), and improving rotating banners. Pretty soon, I will offer up a whole new administration theme for the platform using Bootstrap. It’s a fun place for me as a self-starter to see things done, but my time as a business owner and marketer has really helped me to navigate internal and external barriers.

I’ve also been gearing up the team to embrace SASS and set our sites on Drupal 8. I use SASS locally compiled on my builds but do find that some snippets are great to keep on hand, so I have places these on my homepage for reference as well.