I started working in kitchens from 13 through to about 20. That seven years instilled in me a great love of food and an even greater respect for those who make it. I spent time really focused on bread baking, brewing, and even ice cream; however, the time is not always. Still, I try to make great meals and eat great meals. I contribute to both Trip Advisor and Yelp! in that respect and try to appreciate both authenticity and creativity.

Pizza at a mile high

Every once in a while you get to have some fun, and pizza definately counts. Here is the first pie I made at Merchant’s Mile High Saloon in Denver.

Al John's Pizza Slices

Al John’s Pizza

Al John’s, it’s so sad but I don’t know when I will get to see you again! Unfortunately, my wife’s grandparents are no longer living down the street, and Princeton Junction is not a hot tourist destination. I’ll miss you!

Pizzeria Mozza, LA

Pizzeria Mozza, LA

Ahh, this was not the Napoli style pizza I was looking for. I felt like everything served had its positive and negative points, dry but tender, crunchy but way too much corse flour, rich but way too oily. This is not how I like to dine. I like to focus on exploring unexpected positive traits. Oh well, it did leave my wife and I discussing our top three outside of Naples…