Pizza at a mile high

Every once in a while you get to have some fun, and pizza definitely counts. Here is the first pie of many that I made at Merchant’s Mile High Saloon in Denver. The owner asked me to create a dough and sauce recipe that people would love and that his staff could make with little kitchen experience. I delivered a simple recipe on both and topped it with some very high character cheeses (pecorino romano mozzarella) to get crispy, delicious pizza by the slice.

Al John's Pizza Slices

Al John’s Pizza

Al John’s, it’s so sad but I don’t know when I will get to see you again! Unfortunately, my wife’s grandparents are no longer living down the street, and Princeton Junction is not a hot tourist destination. I’ll miss you!

Pizzeria Mozza, LA

Pizzeria Mozza, LA

Ahh, this was not the Napoli style pizza I was looking for. I felt like everything served had its positive and negative points, dry but tender, crunchy but way too much corse flour, rich but way too oily. This is not how I like to dine. I like to focus on exploring unexpected positive traits. Oh well, it did leave my wife and I discussing our top three outside of Napoli:

  1. Napule, Tokyo Japan
  2. Mr. Pizza Man, Florence Italy &
  3. Zavino’s, Philadelphia PA