My crawlspace is creepy

IoT, Connected Electric Imp to Salesforce Today

Completed integrating my Electric Imp imp0001 to salesforce today (Build an IoT Integration with Electric Imp). Not that I really want to track my fridge, but the core code can be adapted for a personal project in a different part of my house. I mean a really different part of my house. I’m going to track humidity and temperature in the crawlspace under my house. It is by far my least favorite place to have to do work, yet I’ve been down there four or five times in the past 5 months for various reasons.

The clearance is tighter than 18″ in some places. You have to zig zag your way through the pins and I’ve had more than a few contractors pass on projects down there and those that don’t pass charge a bit more. That’s where the imp comes into place. I’m hoping by tracking humidity and temperature, I might come up with some alternatives to the current preventative measures. For instance, is there an alternative to replacing a sump pump that is 50 yards away from the crawlspace entrance? The other question connected to this is what is the relative humidity that will buckle my floors if a new, less tattered vapor barrier is not installed?