Recent updates to the site

Being a father does not leave much time for reflection.Sometimes it even makes introspection feel externalized. However, emerging from the cloud of sleep deprivation induced by my second son, similar to fasting or other forced meditative practices, brings insights on where I’ve been and where I may someday go.

I’ve not updated my website in many years. Despite continuing to make delicious breads, brew a couple beers, master Sous Vide, redo two bathrooms including tiling the floors, travelling to France, New Zealand, and a return home to visit Michigan, I’ve really not posted anything. Did I mention moving to Petaluma or my family and wife? Not on this site in many, many moons.

So I will begin to make these updates and share a bit more about my life. I’ll continue to build this site and use it as a place to chart my path. I’ve been doing a lot, and could use a place of reflection. Why not broadcast it a bit?