Sourdough Boules

Sourdough #2

Sourdough BoulesToday’s Bread Recipe
7 oz natural yeast starter
2 oz whole wheat flour
1 oz rye flour
14 oz white flour
.45 oz salt
11 oz water
4 tbls seseme seeds

The Process

With Sourdough #1, I removed all commercial yeast. It turned out great, yet I wanted to play with the starter amount and rise time. I added sesame seeds to the crust for a bit of flavor. The crust was fantastic, thought a more dense crumb and less oven rise left me reconsidering the starter amount.

This recipe should be close to a 65% mixture. I made my dough, kneading until it reached 85 F internal and let rise 60 minutes. I then did a retarded rise in the refrigerator for overnight. The next day, I divided the dough into boules and let rise 60 min. I added the seseme seeds to the crust and then proofed at room temperature for 20 minutes.

I set my oven to 520 F for baking hearth-style on a baking pan with a cup of water in a pan in the oven during the heat up. I changed the heat to 475 F after 10 minutes and baked another 10 – 15 minutes.

These were good but not as good as I expected. I am reconsidering commercial yeast again and more natural yeast starter to get a more active rise, soft crumb and better crust.

Sourdough DoughSourdough Boules