Sourdough Loaves

Natural Yeast Loaves #1

Sourdough LoavesToday’s Bread Recipe
8 oz natural yeast starter
2.5 oz whole wheat flour
1 oz rye flour
13.5 oz white flour
.3 oz salt
.1 oz yeast
11 oz water

The Process

I did decide to play with the grain bill, but also wanted a more useful product for the week, so I made 1 full size and two half loaves. This recipe should still be close to a 70% mixture, but the play with the whole wheat made it much more easy to handle. I also think the salt adjustment may have given the yeast a bit more activity. It did not seem to affect the crust or crumb structure.

I made my dough, kneading until it reached 85 F internal. I then did a retarded rise in the refrigerator for overnight. The next day, I divided the dough into boules and let rise 60 min. I shaped them into loaves, transferring them to a bake try, I misted them with water. I then proofed at room temperature for 20 minutes.

I set my oven to 500 F for baking hearth-style on a baking pan with 2 cups of water in a pan in the oven during the heat up. I changed the heat to 475 F after 10 minutes and baked another 15 – 20 minutes.

These were great, easy to handle, soft and yet with a great crust. I may be done playing with them and will have to try out the recipe in the form of a baguette.