29APR2012 Shaped Natural Yeast Baguettes

Natural Yeast Baguettes

29APR2012 Shaped Natural Yeast BaguettesToday’s Bread Recipe
7 oz natural yeast starter
4 oz whole wheat flour
1 oz rye flour
12 oz white flour
.35 oz salt
.25 oz yeast
11 oz water

The Process

Poolish baguette #2 had a good crust, better crumb, but I was unhappy with the oven rise. Flavor was sacrificed a bit, but closer to the French Boulangerie’s Tradition that I am trying to mimic. So, I adjusted my recipe to increase the APF but also did my bakers percentage for hydration. I found it too low once I figured out my poolish, and decided to change to a levain levure (natural yeast starter) that I have now been keeping alive since February.

This recipe should be a 65% mixture. I made my dough, kneading until it reached 81 F internal and let rise for 1 hour. I followed that by shaping into baguettes and proofing in the oven for 1/2 hour, but the amount of yeast screwed me. I had to punch down (gently) and reshape. The result was not pretty but worked.

I set my oven and it took about 15 minutes to heat to 500 F for baking hearth-style on a baking pan. I scored them about 10 minutes before baking and have started to consider this a mistake as the oven action broke out the sides a bit. I’ll be scoring just be for baking from now on. I reduced the heat to 450 F after spraying a few mists of water and baked 20 minutes.

29APR2012 Shaped Natural Yeast Baguette Dough29APR2012 Scored Shaped Natural Yeast Baguette Dough29APR2012 Shaped Natural Yeast Baguettes