Lead Front End Engineer

In addition to helping build a platform for corporate communications driven websites, I’m a dad, husband, and general goof. I’ve lived, studied, and worked abroad, love to travel and think there really is no place like home, the Bay Area.

I’m a User Advocate

In my current position, I'm a major source of conversation and solutions surrounding issues in workflow and user experience. I've advocated and implemented solutions for Responsive Web Design and content workflows. As an ENTJ, I'm geared to believe workflows should be natural and efficient. In open source frameworks, the development process does not always lend itself to innovation. Many decisions have been set and contributed by the community. So, sometimes my greatest pushes are around holding still until the problem is clearly defined.

I’m a Problem Solver

To turn a thing and evaluate all sides; and then polish the blemishes. Sometimes a good conversation, a mockup, or a wireframe is all that is necessary to help developers and teammates understand the user experience issue that I am seeing. Other times, the best solution is constrained by technical limitations; so, I tunnel down as deep into the code as I need to, often farther than I want, and contribute fixes on the layer that makes the most sense.

I’m Collaborative

I never choose to or think I should do it all alone. My strong opinion and reasoned thinking is open to change and growth. No matter the scope of the project or problem, I gather opinions and feedback. In user advocacy, I recraft even the form I am using to convey the issue; spoken, one-line, one-page, mockups, PowerPoint, whatever highlights the issue at hand and brings clarity to stakeholders. In engineering and even prototyping, I ask for teammate insights early, pair-program, and gather informal stakeholder opinions along the way. I may be the most vocal member of my group. My openness brings me to the cause of others as well. My achievements at work in collaboration include advocating for Agile builds and getting team commitments to skills development.